3 Tips For Optimising Your Posts

Over the past six months we have accumulated a wealth of experience optimising thousands of posts on Wahoha for the hundreds of websites we provide our traffic widget service for. There are only two key bits of information you are able to provide to potential visitors of your site in our widgets, a title and an image. So it is crucial to get these right. Even though we constantly monitor optimisation rates for webmasters, we realise many of you like to personally upload your latest articles and content to the network from time to time. So here I will reveal three tips for optimising your posts on Wahoha.

1) Keep the Title Short

Think of the title of your post like a headline for a newspaper, the shorter you keep it, the more chance you will not lose the reader’s attention. There are a lot of unnecessary words that are commonly used in post titles that do not enhance its overall appeal. Keep the words attention grabbing. For example…

Bad Title: “A Collection Of Stunning And Amazing Insect Photographs”

Good Title: “Breathtaking Insect Photography”

In brief: A good title gets straight to the point.

2) Use Correct Spelling and Grammar

Typos, spelling mistakes, and incorrect use of grammar reduce the legitimacy and attractiveness of the post in the mind of the reader. Reading your post title is the first contact a reader has with your article, if it is poorly written that gives the impression the underlying content will also be the same. While our editorial team will always try to spot such mistakes and correct them, there are always a few that will go unnoticed. If this does occur you can contact us at support@wahoha.com and we will gladly amend it for you. 

In brief: Always double check your spelling and grammar.

3) Do Not Use a Blurred Image

The image you upload is of paramount importance. Always make sure it is very clear and easy to see. Blurred images, like typos, reduce the legitimacy and quality of the content you are providing. A well defined image will increase the chances of a user clicking on your article.


In brief: Use the highest quality image available.

Remember, you can have the most amazing content in the world, but until someone clicks through to your website this will not be apparent. Your post represents your website, so always make sure it is the best it can be. I hope you found this post useful, I will be adding more tips in the near future! TTFN.



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