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Time for another top three posts of the week, here we go…..

NO.3: Everything I Knew About Velociraptors Was A Lie

Date Added: 19th January 2011

Author: Today I Found Out [ ]

Coming in at number three is the second appearance for in this very special list. This post reveals what a Velociraptor actually was. Due to the various dinosaur movies over the last couple of decades [notably the Jurassic Park franchise], most people if you ask them think a Velociraptor is a scaly, ultra intelligent, 10ft tall beast that hunts in packs. This is wrong. Read this article and you will learn the truth. Unfortunately, it will disappoint. Watching Jurassic Park will never be the same again.


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NO.2: Photoshop Disasters

Date Added: 19th January 2011

Author: Stellas Magazine [ ]

The use of photoshop to “improve” standard images is ubiquitous in the media these days, especially in fashion magazines. With its extensive use it is only a matter of time before mistakes are made. Most of the time they are to subtle and insignificant to notice, but every now and then you get a complete gem that is absolutely hilarious. Here is a great collection of ridiculous photoshop disasters. Very amusing!

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NO.1: Top 10 Castles of the World

Date Added: 19th January 2011

Author: Fotomage [ ]

Being a history buff, I was instantly attracted to this article published by Fotomage. The great thing about this list for me is the appearance of Leeds Castle, which is a famous historical attraction very close to where I grew up in Kent, England. Like all top ten lists there are quite a few great examples of castles I feel have been missed out. But nevertheless this list is inspiring as it features breathtaking structures such as the Palace of Versailles & Mont Saint-Michel [pictured below].

the image

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That concludes this edition of Top 3 Posts of The Week. TTFN.



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