Wahoha Top Tip - Getting More Traffic

Not getting enough people clicking on your widget? Want to increase this? Do not fear, we have a top tip here for you!

After many hours of experimentation and a bunch of conversations with fellow webmasters, we have discovered that one of the best positions on your website to display our traffic widget is directly below the main content of the relevant page, just above the comments. The reason for this is, once each visitor has finished reading or looking over the content you have provided, his/her eyes will immediately scroll down onto our widget where we have provided lots of interesting things to click on. By making this simple change, you can expect to increase clicks on your widget substantially. This is normally in the double figure percentage point range, which will result in thousands more visitors flooding back to your site from Wahoha. We suggest a 2 x 4 format, as shown below:

Obviously, by placing additional widgets on your page at the top, bottom, or down the sidebar will increase clicks even further. You may also want to consider using our popunder, another great product on offer that has exceptionally good click-through rates and will generate thousands more visitors for your website on its own.

I hope this post was of some use to you, if you are already displaying our widget in the above described manner… well done you! Till next time TTFN.



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