High CTR - The Holy Grail

As you may have noticed, when logged into your Wahoha webmaster account you will see that under the “Posts” tab there is a sub-heading entitled “Indexed Posts” that allows you to see all the posts that are currently indexed for every site you operate. You will also notice that every post on there has a CTR score. Having a high CTR post means it is more popular/viral, and this results in your properties receiving more visitors from the system. Essentially, having as many high CTR posts as possible will drive more traffic to your sites.

So the question is… what makes a post have high CTR? Well, as with all things of this nature, there is no simple answer. From a presentation point of view, I would recommend using some of the techniques we have previously advised on optimising your posts and creating the perfect post picture. But there is more to it than that. As with all content that attracts vast audiences whether it be on television, radio, broadsheets, or the internet, something shocking, awe inspiring, or heart warming will always capture the imagination and attention of consumers.

Over the last nine months since Wahoha was first launched in June 2010 we have either added or moderated nearly 50,000 posts. So by now we like to think we have a reasonably good understanding of what makes a post popular. Here are five quick common features between the most popular posts in Wahoha:

1) Originality - Posts with original content gain a significant advantage. Visitors will take much more interest if they have never seen an article before.

2) Specific Topic - Keeping the topic of the post specific as oppose to generic. For example.. “Top 10 Star Trek Gadgets” as oppose to “Top 10 Gadgets”. 

3) Not Revealing - The post shouldn’t reveal everything about the underlying content. Visitors should have to click on the post to discover the content, the post is just a teaser to get them interested. 

4) Organisation - It’s very good to look organised, if the post looks organised, so to will the perception of the destination in the mind of a perspective visitor. Putting specific subjects into collections or Top 10 lists will usually increase popularity. 

5) Wow Factor Posts that have something extremely bizarre or unusual about them which either evoke a sense of morbid curiosity or zealous fascination always perform very well. 

We continually trawl across the network for content that fits this description, and most of the time we find some pretty great stuff. But we would very much like to encourage you to submit other fascinating content that we might have missed along the way. It can have a big impact, adding a single post that turns out to be very popular will drive thousands of additional visitors to your sites. A very worthwhile result! TTFN.



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