Creating The Perfect Post Picture

Content optimisation is an incredibly important part of what we do here at Wahoha. We are constantly monitoring your post submissions to make sure they are optimised to an excellent standard that will provide a flood of extra traffic to your website[s]. 

Out of this process image quality optimisation is the single most important factor. Potential visitors to your site will make a decision on whether to click on your post or not largely as a result of how appealing it is. While we do our best to optimise as much as possible, we understand that a lot of bloggers like to upload their ownpost submissions with images they have selected themselves. So on that note, it is worth spending that little bit of extra time to make sure your post image is in tip top condition. Here are a couple ways to do that:

Cropping Technique

Once you have placed the URL of the image you want to use in the “Add Post” tool, it’s best to spend a few seconds cropping the image so that it will convey the best representation of itself. Most of the time this just involves getting as much of the picture in as possible. But other times it is worth focusing on something in particular as it could make the interesting part stand out even more. In the example below the image is far to rectangular to fit properly into the widget space. In this scenario the best approach is squeeze as much of the primary attraction of the picture into the cropped area as possible, in this case it is a Humpback Anglerfish. 

 Clearly Defined Background

The image must absolutely stand out and be eye catching. Internet surfers will be scrolling over dozens of pages packed with content, so your post must attract their attention and curiosity. A good way of doing this is choosing pictures which have two clearly defined sections. The first section is the key interest point of the image, [in the below example this is Marty Mcfly] and the second section is the background. Below you can see Marty on the left standing in the Twin Pines Mall parking lot which is a fairly dark environment. Here the background colours are blending with the young time traveller, so overall the image becomes less noticeable. But the other image on the right is the complete opposite, it is bright and eye catching. The background colours are in contrast with him which makes the image as a whole stand out more. Subtle differences like this can make your posts substantially more popular! 

Hope this was of some use to you. I will post some more optimisation tips in the near future. Just remember, the more of your posts that are indexed into Wahoha the better! TTFN.



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