One Year Old Today

Exactly one year ago today, on Monday 21st June 2010, Wahoha was officially launched and opened to the public. At this stage there were only around 30 publishing partners in the network, but their great quality content and large audiences were more than enough to enable the system to function at a well performing level. In fact, within this first 24 hours there were over 500,000 widget impressions and 427 pieces of content indexed into the system, which is a fantastic achievement. 

By comparison there are now [at this very second] 67,376 pieces of content indexed, and well over 1,000 active publishers in the network. During this last year our superb engineer Alex has created lots of new features and ultimately developed the system to a point where it is highly versatile, enabling us to offer an unparalleled service. In recent months we have also taken onboard three new employees, [known internally as Content Editors] who spend their days continually optimising and adding content to the system to ensure all publishers send and receive ever greater volumes of traffic. 

We are extremely excited about the future and look forward to launching new products, meeting & greeting new publishers to the network, and generally just learning and developing as a team. 

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